I read this poem in one of the profiles in orkut. This is one masterpiece i would like to share.

Did I hear you right..
’cause I thought you said..
You have been my life..
And I never planned to grow old without you..
Shadows bleeding through the light..
Where the love once shined so bright came without a reason..
Love’s not always black and white..
Haven’t I always loved you?..
But I need you and I know that’s enough..
And when I’m with you,i am close to tears..
I would change the world for you,if you gimme first last chance..
Oh won’t you let me treat like a child throw your arms around me..
Oh please protect me..
Bruised and battered by your words..
Dazed and shattered now it hurts..
you’re not the one who is hindered,
you’re not the one who loved too much..
Because you are the one who has dismentaled me..
haven’t i always loved you?  🙂


One Response to “Did I hear you right..”

  1. Niyaz Says:

    dude itz nice…i guess its one of famous song frm shayne ward !!

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