For those of you who are fed up of using the mouse in firefox here are some keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + Shift + D – Bookmark
Ctrl + Shift + G – Find
Ctrl + Shift + R – Refresh
Ctrl + Shift + W – Close

Ctrl + Shift + Y – Web Developer Toolbar
Ctrl + Shift + U – Page Source
Ctrl + Shift + C – View CSS
Ctrl + Shift + E – Edit CSS
Ctrl + Shift + S – Remove Styles
Ctrl + Shift + A, H, T – Validate HTML

Ctrl + Shift + Z – Increase Text Size
Ctrl + Shift + X – Decrease Text Size

Ctrl + Shift + J – Error Console
Ctrl + Shift + Del – Clear Private Data
Ctrl + Shift + O – Java Console


Deleting System Softwares:

XP hides some system software you might want to remove, such as Windows Messenger, but you can tickle it and make it disgorge everything. Using Notepad or Edit, edit the text file /windows/inf/ sysoc.inf, search for the word ‘hide’ and remove it. You can then go to the Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, select Add/Remove Windows Components and there will be your prey, exposed and vulnerable.

Creating Shutdown Icon or One Click Shutdown:

Navigate to your desktop. On the desktop, right-click and go to New, then to Shortcut (in other words, create a new shortcut). You should now see a pop-up window instructing you to enter a command line path.

Use this path in “Type Location of the Item”
SHUTDOWN -s -t 01

If the C: drive is not your local hard drive, then replace “C” with the correct letter of the hard drive. Click the “Next” button. Name the shortcut and click the “Finish” button. Now whenever you want to shut down, just click on this shortcut and you’re done. (more…)