love-at-first-sight.jpgWhenever i hear about this phrase i wonder, “how can love happen at first sight?”. Does love not mean the relationship between two hearts??

When a person “X” sees a person “Y” of the opposite sex ( lets take “X” to be male and “Y” to be female for the context but both sexes are equal to this topic). So at the very moment X falls in love with Y without even knowing her name or other details some of which might be of prominent importance like whether she is married or committed. Just because she is beautiful, doesn’t mean she is kind hearted. (Am not telling everyone. So ladies dont msstake me). How long will she be beautiful??? Maybe till 40 or maximum 45. After that the external beauty that we thought was very attractive some 20 years before wont be that beautiful.

All through my life i have heard the definition of love as the relationship between two hearts. Love blossoms when two hearts start liking each other and when they see some sparks in them, but in our case where is the interaction between the hearts. In fact it is not in the plural sense, it is in the singular sense. Only X has seen Y and fallen in love. Y dont even know the existance of X. That too X’s eyes has seen Y and it liked her very much, it has told X’s heart to fall in love instantly without even thinking. (How can an eye think??).

This term has been wrongly used by our ancestors and we are also blindly following it. The exact term that must be used in this context is “infatuation” which is “an emotional state characterized by intense desire, often romantic in nature”.

So now i think now we are clear with the concept of infatuation (till now what we thought was “love at first sight”).

Now we shall discuss something about love.

The basis for love is a strong understanding between two hearts. This happens only with time. Hearts need some time to understand each other. Then suddenly at one point of time love blossoms in both the hearts (in most of the cases) or in one heart which may later go on to convince the other one. This is called love and this only will last forever. Here i am not saying all these will be success or the absense of this will be failure, but this is the case in majority of the cases.

So when anyone tells you that they have fallen in love at first sight be brave in explaining what we spoke here and explain them about infatuation and true love.