possessiveness.jpgIs possessiveness really needed for a relationship??

If yes what is the limit for it??

Possessiveness as the term goes, we define our partner to be ours or in definitive terms we possess them. We want them to understand our thoughts rather than we understand their thoughts. We get really annoyed when our partner ignores us for someone whom/which we my think is not important at that context. We may be totally wrong. Our partner would need something from them/that at that point of time compared to us.

Then comes the time of taking decisions. Our partner may take a decision upon something which from their perspective will be totally correct. The main cause of misunderstanding comes when we fail to think from thier perspective or analyse the problem from their shoes.

Everyone will be having a dream partner. We see someone whom at first seem to be that perfect person who have been stealing our dreams. Nobody can be understood at the first sight. So when we come to know about their true self the relationship becomes sour. Arguements increases. A line of separation comes between the partners. You may think that u have taken a decision too quick and tht it is time for the relationship to come to an end and that we want to move away from the relation. So before stepping into a relation make sure the person whom u have been waiting for in your life.